The city council of Alcala de Henares presents at the Jose Hernandez and Kyoto 1998 galleries in the Old Hospital of Santa Maria la Rica the exhibition “Villotaf Were”. It is the last major solo exhibition of his career, after those organized in the MultipleSpacings gallery of Bern, Switzerland (2013) and Miami Art River (Miami Art Basel 2013), contains the complete works of the Spanish artists based in Miami, which was awarded with the city of Alcalá painting Award 2012. This exhibition shows, along with the recently opened exhibition Alcalá-Gateway to America, one of the highlights of the official program of the festival PHotoEspaña 2015 and reinforces the important role of culture and the promotion of the arts promoted by the city of Alcala de Henares.

The multidisciplinary artist, Villotaf, has gathered about 60 works for the exhibition, made between 1994 and 2015 with a theme specified by giving a view that, for the most part, are presented to the public for the first time. The artist offers a new sample of his creative ability to dissolve the way through abstraction of an emotional and passionate world.

WERE, from the German, referring to the Werewolf, not mystical or fantastic sense but taking it to a level of transformation of how abstraction and the artist himself to the process, in his "Vollmond" in its full moon, which transcends the creative subconscious.

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The exhibition at Mutiplespacing gallery, at Bern, in April, is call VILLOTAF FORMS, with art pieces from different years, all of them related to art and racing cars, abstraction, and 917 Porsche, and from the Aircooled classic 911 pieces. The meanings, and concept of the works are related to, race, glam,social,vintage forms, history of the Porsche brand, tags era, perception of conscious, abstraction, beauty truth and sensibility, and all of this form a collage of what we may see, and what we may feel over the Villotaf Form art pieces. One of the tips on Villotaf works, is the uses of car plates, playing with the formal images ( numbers and letters) making his works, a play absorption method, for the abstraction part of the work, without trying to find in our remembers the meanings of it.Fundamental part to understood the Villotaf processes for his art construction, tags uses and conceptual way to realize a collage in a perfect contemporary mix af reality. The exhibition "Forms", is a full compendium of Villotaf Works, canvas, sculpture, photos, and classic Porsche body parts making a wall installation.





Villotaf wan the Painting prize category, at the City of Alcala de Henares arts awards 2012.

villotaf  City of Alcala de Henares arts awards 201203Among the important Cervantes Week at Alcalá de Henares City, October Tuesday 9 was held at the Cervantes Hall theatre in the same city, the Alcalá de Henares Arts Awards.

These awards support various artistic disciplines: architecture, heritage, photography, historical research, narrative, painting and poetry. Besides the prestigious Award for the Arts and Letters, which this year was awarded to, the great thinker and philosopher Eduardo Punset.

The Alcalá de Henares City Awards had been for more than four decades as a showcase for the country's culture and discoverers claim to be great artists, winners of other prizes. It occupy a place of honour in the cultural landscape of the Community of Madrid and Spain.

This year the award in the category of painting has been given, unanimously, to the artist VILLOTAF, with his "Ultraforma #68". The jury noted the plastic quality of the work, generating intelligent creation and the strength of the forms, harmony and anxiety that follows it.

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arte y vino


A time of submission of this project today.
As a metaphor, as if it were biblical parable, art and wine will become water, life for African dwellers working in the NGO AMREF.
So today has anaunced Nelida Cano, delegate of AMREF in Segovia and promoter of a charitable initiative original pairing will in the pictorial work of six artists with six wines from as many wineries in Segovia.
In this sense, the artists Dora Vindel, José Luis López Saura, Ruben Martin, Miguel Angel Villotaf, Frutos Married Varas Fonsi Luke and have agreed to paint a work inspired by the wines Martin (Storage Zarraguilla), 3.0 (Herrero Bodega ) Experiences (Experiences), Carraovejas (Carraovejas), Circe (Avelino Vegas) and Finca Cárdaba (Finca Cárdaba).
In addition, another artist, Cristian Hugo, is the author of the poster with whom AMREF will announce this initiative to be realized in the month of September, when also publish a catalog with the wines, the wineries and the paintings photographed.
In the catalog assist the City of Segovia and Caja Rural Foundation, on this ground in the project presentation attended by the Councillor for Social Services, Andrew Torquemada, and the manager of the foundation, Beatriz Serrano, plus museum Esteban Vicente director , Ana Martínez de Aguilar.

Villotaf designed the Star to Maria de Villota

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The artist Villotaf, has designed the iconic Star to Maria de Villota.

Fernando Alonso and other drivers of the Formula 1 grid joined the tribute to Marussia's Maria Villota, test driver of the Russian team suffered an accident during a test aerodynamic Duxford airfield and continues serious.

Both Timo Glock and Charles Pic, Marussia drivers, look in the mirrors of their cars and on their helmets the star feature of the pilot Madrid. At the initiative of his team mates joined several drivers on the grid, including Alonso. "# TodosConMaría" he wrote on his Twitter account in Spanish, where they attached a picture (illustrating this story) in which you can see the star on his helmet. His teammate Felipe Massa did the same.

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