arte y vino


A time of submission of this project today.
As a metaphor, as if it were biblical parable, art and wine will become water, life for African dwellers working in the NGO AMREF.
So today has anaunced Nelida Cano, delegate of AMREF in Segovia and promoter of a charitable initiative original pairing will in the pictorial work of six artists with six wines from as many wineries in Segovia.
In this sense, the artists Dora Vindel, José Luis López Saura, Ruben Martin, Miguel Angel Villotaf, Frutos Married Varas Fonsi Luke and have agreed to paint a work inspired by the wines Martin (Storage Zarraguilla), 3.0 (Herrero Bodega ) Experiences (Experiences), Carraovejas (Carraovejas), Circe (Avelino Vegas) and Finca Cárdaba (Finca Cárdaba).
In addition, another artist, Cristian Hugo, is the author of the poster with whom AMREF will announce this initiative to be realized in the month of September, when also publish a catalog with the wines, the wineries and the paintings photographed.
In the catalog assist the City of Segovia and Caja Rural Foundation, on this ground in the project presentation attended by the Councillor for Social Services, Andrew Torquemada, and the manager of the foundation, Beatriz Serrano, plus museum Esteban Vicente director , Ana Martínez de Aguilar.