The exhibition at Mutiplespacing gallery, at Bern, in April, is call VILLOTAF FORMS, with art pieces from different years, all of them related to art and racing cars, abstraction, and 917 Porsche, and from the Aircooled classic 911 pieces. The meanings, and concept of the works are related to, race, glam,social,vintage forms, history of the Porsche brand, tags era, perception of conscious, abstraction, beauty truth and sensibility, and all of this form a collage of what we may see, and what we may feel over the Villotaf Form art pieces. One of the tips on Villotaf works, is the uses of car plates, playing with the formal images ( numbers and letters) making his works, a play absorption method, for the abstraction part of the work, without trying to find in our remembers the meanings of it.Fundamental part to understood the Villotaf processes for his art construction, tags uses and conceptual way to realize a collage in a perfect contemporary mix af reality. The exhibition "Forms", is a full compendium of Villotaf Works, canvas, sculpture, photos, and classic Porsche body parts making a wall installation.